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RC4Magic S3 Starter Kits (2.4GHz)

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RC4Magic Starter Kits are the quick and easy way for for new customers or new installations to get started with wireless dimming. Each Starter Kit includes 3 brand new System IDs and three very useful accessories: an RC4 USB CodeLoader Cable, an RC4Magic XStick Dongle, and a 3.5mm-to-XLR5F DMX data adaptor.

Like a Virtual Private Network (VPN), RC4 IDs serve as system identifiers and encryption keys, ensuring interference-free operation anywhere, anytime, worldwide. Every RC4 Wireless user and project has their own ID. Private IDs are shared only by explicit request, with a written agreement between all parties involved.  Learn more about RC4Magic private and unique System IDs.

These kits are packaged in advance, so they cannot be programmed with existing IDs for use with previously purchased systems. Starter Kits feature special pricing, and are only available to new customers and installations. Please choose individual pieces when adding to existing systems.

2.4GHz Kit Comparison Chart v2.2

Need assistance determining which kit would work best for your application? No problem. Submit a ticket here.  Tell us a little about how you intend to use the gear and we can suggest the best option.