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RC4Magic S3 2.4GHz Pixel Control Starter Kit : Model P10020-HG

$1,544.85 $1,282.23

A 3-piece RC4Magic pixel control kit that includes a high power transceiver and two pixel units.

RC4Magic S3 DMXio-HG Data Transceiver with External Antenna

The RC4Magic S3 DMXio-HG transceiver gives users best in class data security and reliability in the 2.4GHz bandwidth along with the RC4 Lifetime Warranty.  All RC4 products come with a unique RC4 Secure Private System IDs, which means that no other wireless system can trample your signal.

The original DMXio has an internal antenna for those who prefer that option.

RC4Magic S3 DMXpix Dual Pixel String Driver × 2

Controlling up to two separate pixel strings is easy with the compact RC4Magic S3 DMXpix Dual Pixel String Driver. Winner of the PLASA London Award for Innovation, the DMXpix enables users to create beautiful, one of a kind pixel effects for a variety of different pixel strings, all without wires. The DMXpix is also eligible for the RC4Magic Lifetime Warranty, the best in the industry.

RC4 Series 3 CodeLoader Cable

Firmware updates for new, free features are easily installed with this interface cable.  The RC4 CodeLoader Cable provides USB connectivity for firmware updating for all RC4 Series 3 devices released after April 2014, including RC4Magic Series 3, RC4 LumenDim, and RC4 W-DIM devices.

RC4Magic 2.4GHz USB XStick Configuration Dongle

A handy USB dongle for configuring parameters in RC4Magic wireless DMX and dimming devices.  Easily set channels, curves, PWM frequencies, and much more, with a graphical user interface.

3.5mm Miniplug to 5-Pin XLR (Female) Adaptor Cable

This simple adaptor works with all RC4 Wireless W-DIM, LumenDim, and RC4Magic Series 3 devices that are equipped with a 3.5mm DMX port.

Product Details

Wireless control of pixels in costumes, small props and set pieces, without a media server.  It’s fast, easy and affordable using an RC4Magic 2.4GHz DMXio-HG and two DMXpix units!

* Starter Kits are for NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY and CANNOT be added to existing systems. All Starter Kits are FULLY EXPANDABLE.*

This RC4Magic Series 3 Pixel Control Starter Kit (Model P10020-HG) includes:

An RC4Magic DMXio-HG high-power 2.4GHz wireless transceiver with Auto-Mode to automatically act as a DMX transmitter when connected to a DMX data source from a DMX console, computer, or tester. The high powered RC4 DMXio-HG with external antenna works reliably to over 200′. Any number of additional RC4 DMXio or RC4 DMXio-HG units can be added and they will Auto-Mode to be DMX receivers.  Any other device in the 2.4GHz RC4Magic Series 3 product family can also be added at any time.

The RC4Magic DMXpix makes controlling — and creating — with pixel strings fast and easy. Traditional mapping of DMX to pixel strings consumes vast numbers of channels — a single universe of 512 channels can control only 170 red-green-blue pixels.  The RC4 DMXpix uses RC4 Custom Pixel Profiles™ to deliver the same design versatility and control to designers, while vastly reducing the number of console DMX channels required to render beautiful effects.  With just one DMX universe — or a fraction of one —  the RC4 DMXpix generates up to 3000 output channels, for control of 1000 RGB pixels or 750 RGBW pixels.

The RC4 DMXpix uses Keyframing, a RC4 Custom Pixel Profiles™ feature, to create effects using any desired length of pixels.  Group multiple LEDs into larger “virtual pixels” if desired, and then tailor how the keyframe propagates down the pixel chain without needing additional DMX channels to do so.  Pattern replication that previously consumed vast numbers of console channels and universes is now done in the RC4 DMXpix!

Learn more about working with keyframes and custom pixel profiles at the RC4 Knowledge Base.

All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

*To reduce costs, RC4 pre-bundles these kits, so it is not possible to program them with IDs for a previously existing system.  Multiple Starter Kits cannot be combined on Private IDs since each kit will have different codes. To add RC4Magic components to your existing system or to a Starter Kit you are purchasing now, add individual pieces to your shopping cart.




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