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RC4Magic S3 900MHz 10-Channel Wireless Dimming Starter Kit : Model B10101-HG

$2,165.63 $1,797.47

Ten total channels of 900MHz wireless dimming with a high power transceiver, 4-channel dimmer and a 6-channel dimmer. RC4Magic 900SX is recommended for interference-free operation in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil.

RC4M-900SX DMXio-HG Data Transceiver

Best-in-class data security, the congestion-free 900MHz band and the RC4Magic Lifetime Warranty make the RC4Magic-900SX DMXio the very best choice for reliable wireless DMX in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand. 

In other jurisdictions, including Europe, Asia, and Africa, our 2.4GHz RC4Magic Series 3 systems are ideal.

RC4Magic S3 DMX4dim 4-Channel Wireless Dimmer

The RC4Magic S3 DMX4dim is an easy to use, secure, battery powered 4-channel wireless dimmer that includes the RC4Magic Lifetime Warranty.

RC4Magic S3 DMX6dim 6-Channel Wireless Dimmer

Wireless low-voltage DMX-controlled 6-channel dimmer for theatre and motion picture. Control LEDs & lamps in small props, costumes, and more. Part of the RC4Magic S3 2.4GHz platform with the RC4Magic Lifetime Warranty.

RC4Magic 900MHz HG-Configuration Dongle

The RC4Magic USB 900MHz HG-Configuration Dongle configuration dongle is a simple wireless interface device for connecting a PC or mac to an RC4Magic Series 3 900MHz system.

Together with RC4 Commander Configuration Software, a wide array of features and functions are easily configured with the ease of a PC or MAC based graphical user interface.

RC4 Commander Configuration Software does not require this dongle — an RC4Magic Series 3 device, together with an RC4 CodeLoader Cable, provides a Dongle Mode that functions exactly like this dedicated USB device.  It is up to you which connection hardware you prefer to use. The RC4 900MHz HG-Configuration Dongle does allow for easier portability. By getting power directly from your computer there is no need to be tied to a wall outlet.

New for Series 3: The RC4Magic S3 DMXio plus an RC4 CodeLoader can be used as a dongle with our RC4 CommanderConfiguration Software.  You don’t always need an RC4 Dongle anymore!

RC4 Series 3 CodeLoader Cable

Firmware updates for new, free features are easily installed with this interface cable.  The RC4 CodeLoader Cable provides USB connectivity for firmware updating for all RC4 Series 3 devices released after April 2014, including RC4Magic Series 3, RC4 LumenDim, and RC4 W-DIM devices.

3.5mm Miniplug to 5-Pin XLR (Female) Adaptor Cable (Included)

This simple adaptor works with all RC4 Wireless W-DIM, LumenDim, and RC4Magic Series 3 devices that are equipped with a 3.5mm DMX port.

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