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Anderson Powerpole Mating Connector Kit #2


Anderson Powerpole Mating Connector Kit for the RC4Magic DMX6dim-500, RC4Magic-900 DMX6dim-500, RC4 LumenDim6 and RC4 W-DIM6.

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Product Details

One of these kits is included at no charge when you purchase an RC4Magic DMX6dim-500, RC4Magic-900 DMX6dim-500, RC4 LumenDim6, or an RC4 W-DIM6.

Additional kits are handy when installing one of these devices in a new location, or setting up for quick swapping between different props or set pieces.

Each kit contains a minimum of:

  • 6 grey shells
  • 3 red shells
  • 1 black shell
  • 10 crimp pins, 30A capacity
  • 2 crimp pins, 45A capacity

The best connection with the crimp pins is achieved with the proper Anderson-compatible crimping tool.  Be sure to use an appropriate wire gauge for the pin used.

For fastest response, please complete an inquiry ticket.  Provide as much information as possible.  If you have a question about incorporating an RC4 device into a specific prop or project, photos and short videos can be very helpful and are easily attached to your ticket.

If you prefer to submit your inquiry by email, send to support@theatrewireless.com.

We look forward to being of assistance!