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RC4 Product Guide

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Try our interactive product guide, which will point you the right product for your needs.

RC4Magic 2.4GHz

For illuminating props, costumes, moving scenery and more around the world, the original award winning feature-filled RC4Magic system is the ideal choice.

RC4Magic 900MHz

RC4Magic-900 is licensed ONLY for use in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. When working in a crowded wireless environment in the US and beyond, a 900MHz system is ideal. Our 900MHz series has all the best RC4 features and can combat the worst wireless traffic.


EASS — Extended Area Super Secure — works in the 900MHz spectrum, and provides theme parks, stadiums and more with the longest range DMX signal on the market. AES 256-bit encryption ensures RC5 is hacker proof.


Wirelessly dim LEDs, lamps, costumes, props and more using RC4 LumenDim products with genuine LumenRadio CRMX Inside.

Wireless Solution

RC4 W-DIM devices utilize Wireless Solution W-DMX, providing all the RC4 Harmonized Design™ features designers love. Dimming lamps, costumes, props and more has never been easier!